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We are Klamath Grown, a local food network where ranchers, farmers and makers connect with eaters, educators and community stakeholders here in the Klamath Basin. We’re proud of the incredible diversity of food we cultivate despite our region’s many environmental and economic challenges. Together, we’re moving the local food system to be what our community wants and deserves. We believe it’s possible to get local food to the people who need it and for farmers to receive a fair market value. In fact, both are necessary for a resilient and healthy community.

What we do…

Education & Promotion: Klamath Grown engages and educates all parts of the community to sustain and celebrate the incredible diversity of food grown right here in the Klamath Basin.

Support: Klamath Grown supports a diverse network of food producers and stakeholders to build capacity and facilitate collaboration, innovation and resiliency.

Improve Access: Klamath Grown fosters collaboration with local partners, creating alternative food pathways and increasing equitable access to fresh, locally produced food.


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