Oregon Climate & Agriculture Network (OrCAN)

Oregon Climate & Agriculture Network (OrCAN)

Advocacy and Policy


Oregon Climate & Agriculture Network (OrCAN) envisions a future where healthy soils are the foundation of thriving food systems in Oregon–reconnecting healthy ecosystems, economies, and communities.
OrCAN was founded in 2017 as a volunteer-run effort laser focused on state-level policy advocacy at the intersection of climate change and agriculture. Today, they are building an inclusive and collaborative producer driven network, providing educational programming for technical assistance providers, and continuing to advance institutionalized support for soil health that works for a farmer’s bottom line. With a state-wide bird’s eye view on the landscape of soil health on farms and ranches in Oregon, they work with farmers, researchers, technical assistance providers, non-profits, and policy makers. They have organized hundreds of stakeholders in support of incentivizing best practices for climate resilience in the state.


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